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Q: How does the question credit system work exactly?

A: You can select to purchase any amount of credit. As questions are answered your credit balance will be deducted based on the applicable country cost groups for which questions have been answered.

Q: How much time is allocated for each question credit? How is the cost determined?

A: Each question credit corresponds to 30 mins of each expert's time.

Q: Do you need to buy access to the knowledge base to have access to the experts?

A: No. However, we recommend buying access to the knowledge base which will allow you to track and archive outstanding questions and search for information quickly. We are always adding new content.

Q: Why are there different costs for different countries?

A: Our experts are based around the world. Therefore, the cost of living and market rates for their time varies.

Q: Is it possible to buy and ask one question at a time?

A: Yes. You can buy the single question credit amount and then apply that to a single question.

Q: Can we engage an expert for a longer period of time for more complex questions?

A: Yes. If a question is complex and requires additional time for our experts to answer additional credits may be required. We will let you know if/when this happens and seek your approval to apply additional time credits?

Q: Can factories have access to more than one country for the knowledge base?

A: Yes. After the first country, additional countries may be added for an additional $100/year for each country.

Q: What does enterprise pricing mean?

A: Enterprise pricing refers to customized pricing based on the specific needs of a customer. For example, for bulk subscriptions and/or diverse set of users.

Q: Can we schedule a virtual call with an expert to answer our questions?

A: Yes. In some cases it may be easier and more efficient to schedule a virtual call with an expert. Just make this request as a question. Then an expert will contact you with scheduling options.

Q: What are the discount rates for Ask Our Experts question credits?

 Amount Spent





Credit Bonus Amount


5% Bonus

10% Bonus

15% Bonus

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