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Experience has shown that the most effective supply chain due diligence and ESG programs rely on regional staff to ensure compliance and accelerate impact. Having eyes and ears on the ground that understand the local context, can support suppliers, and inform internal strategy has many advantages.  However, most companies cannot afford the luxury of a local team.

To serve companies that understand the value of a local team, Mosaic has launched a professional service we call Ask Our Experts. Leveraging the on-the-ground expertise of Vectra International, the Ask Our Experts service provides convenient access to independent local experts capable of responding to a wide range of compliance questions -- supporting both suppliers and internal staff. The Ask our Experts service moves Mosaic from a passive resource to an active partner in meeting your program objectives.  

  • Ensure your program remains informed and calibrated with evolving mandatory due diligence laws.
  • Support your internal stakeholders as well as clients with quick answers to their due diligence questions.
  • Improve internal team efficiencies, by reduce the time used researching and/or answering questions from internal stakeholders, clients or suppliers.
  • Support your suppliers on their ESG and compliance journey.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ask Our Experts service

Q: Who are your experts and what qualifications do they have?

A: Our Ask Our Experts service is supported by experts selected and vetted by Mosaic and our partners like Vectra International. Depending on the country and topic we draw from a diverse group of highly experienced group of sustainability and compliance practitioners. Beyond the expertise of any one individual, using our advanced software platform experts can, where needed, work together to ensure the best advice and responses are being delivered. There is also 100% quality oversight and review of all responses. 

Q: What topics are covered by the experts?

A: There are two broad topic categories. First, is corporate due diligence and responsible sourcing. The second is in-country supplier-level labour legal and compliance topics (e.g., child, forced, OSH, harassment, compensation, hours of work, discrimination, grievance systems, etc.) and environment.

Q: What geographic areas of coverage do you offer?

A: China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brazil, and Mexico. In addition, programmatic questions about mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence are also available.

Q: My company has unique standards. Can the help desk support unique aspects of my program?

A: If your company is a strategic customer, we can support unique aspects of your program. (e.g., unique standards, onboarding, auditing expectations, grievance mechanism, CAP processes, etc.)

Q: What is the typical response time?

A: Within 24 hours unless the question requires additional research and/outreach within our network.

Q: What is the fee structure? How much does it cost and who pays?

A: Brand/Retailer/Manufacturer pricing is calculated based on the number and type of users being supported (e.g., internal stakeholders and/or suppliers), as well as the countries covered.

Suppliers and/or factories may also buy, non-brand specific, subscriptions directly from Mosaic on a yearly basis.

Q: How does the service work exactly?

A: Suppliers or internal stakeholders can receive answers in their respective language to their questions via email or by setting up a call or virtual meeting. They simply need to fill out a very simple online form, referencing the unique customer ID. Once the request is received, depending on the type of question and complexity, they will receive a response within 24 hours.

Q: Do you provide legal advice?

A: No. While some or our experts are lawyers and the legal information provided in our knowledge base is reviewed by lawyers, we are not a legal advice service. No information found on our platform or provided by our experts should be considered or used as replacement for appropriate legal advice.  


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